Joel Reiners, Alana Pinckley, Nathan Wildman, Jullian Thomas, Dylan Bramlett | Safe Arrivals in a Post-COVID-19 Environment

Almost everyone dreads the time they spend waiting around in crowded groups of strangers after arriving from a flight. This problem is even more daunting with social distancing guidelines required due to COVID-19. Over the past year, a team of five students have been working as a consulting group for the Indianapolis International Airport, to provide a recommendation of a solution to improve the arrivals process of a passenger’s airport experience. The arrivals process is the time in which a passenger spends in the terminal from the moment they exit their plane, to the moment they reach the airport doors to leave. This portion of the airport experience specifically focuses on the nearest restrooms to the boarding tunnel and the baggage claim area which experience long wait times, and congestion of large groups of people in a small area, which during COVID-19, is a large problem. The Indianapolis International Airport needs to provide an efficient and effective airport experience while maintaining customer safety. To identify the optimal solution for the client, the team used the Systems Development Life Cycle as well as Multiple Criteria Decisional Analysis in their research. The team worked diligently through research tactics, consistent meetings with the client, and supplemental industry analyses to put together a comprehensive report that includes an overall problem statement, feasibility analysis, system requirements analysis, statements of alternative solutions, and an implementation plan, using different strategies such as Total Costs of Ownership, Conversion Plans, Training Plans, and performing a Post-Implementation Review plan.
Faculty Mentor: Fred Kitchen
Information Systems and Operations Management