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Student Symposium 2021

Implementation Overview

Implementation Overview

Leidos, Rapiscan® Systems, and Smiths Detection are vendors that provide industry-leading aviation security technology. Personnel screening technology, cabin baggage screening technology, and tray return systems were the three types of technology researched for implementation. Tray return systems from each company are compatible with existing systems. Personnel and cabin baggage screening technologies are compared to determine the optimal vendor and product. 

PMA Rapiscan

Rapiscan® Systems Orion® 920CX

Rapiscan® Systems 

Rapiscan® Systems is one of the potential vendors that has been researched and could serve the needs of the client. Rapiscan® Systems provides equipment such aX-ray scanners for baggage and personnel, and they offer radiation scanners for baggage and personnel. Some of the benefits of Rapiscan® Systems include their optional networking applications that allow for remote monitoring of Rapiscan® Systems equipment from external locations. Another benefit of the company includes their modular equipment that allows for future upgrades without needing to purchase new machines. 

The products that Rapiscan® Systems offers that are relevant to airport security include people screening technology, baggage and parcel screening technology, and tray return systems. Rapiscan® Systems' Metor® 6E is a high-security metal detector used for aviation security. The Metor® 6E has interference immunity so electromagnetic frequencies are not affected when multiple machines are in proximityMulti-channel technology and powerful processing capabilities allow for fast and accurate detection. Radiation detection technology can also be integrated into this technology to detect both metallic and radioactive threats. The Metor® 6E is easy to operate and install. 

Rapiscan® Systems produces a variety of technologies for baggage screening. Orion® and Gemini® are two series of checkpoint screening solutions. Mobile and compact technologies are also available. The Orion® series is an X-ray screening system that offers fast and accurate detection with a spectrum 4-color imaging optionThis is the only technology that supports both a range mode and interactive mode. This allows the operator to control how the Z-effective numbers are displayed on the item being screened. The Orion® 918CX, 920CX, and 922CX are all high performance and offer a single view, while the Orion® 920DX offers a dual view. The Orion® 918CX is has a 540mm by 360mm tunnel size. Both the Orion® 920CX and Orion® 920DX have a 620mm by 420mm tunnel size. Also, a 750mm by 550mm tunnel size is offered with the Orion® 922CX.  

Rapiscan® Systems’ Gemini® Series is another baggage screening product that uses backscatter technology to produce a photographic image. This technology enhances accuracy and performs accurate detection in cluttered environments. Gemini® technology uses dual-energy transmission X-rays in combination with Z Backscatter® X-rays. The Gemini® 6040 is offered with a 620mm by 420mm tunnel size, and the Gemini® 7555 has a 750mm by 550mm tunnel size.  

Rapiscan® Systems’ Mobile 618XR hp and Mobile 620XR hp are offered as portable solutions that do not sacrifice high performance. These are offered with 540mm by 360mm tunnel size or 620mm by 420mm tunnel size. The 620XR VE is an ultra-compact alternative but still has a 620mm by 420mm tunnel size. The 620XR VE under 373kg.  

The TRS Flight is a tray return system offered by Rapiscan® Systems. This has a modular design that has adjustable lengthsParallel divestment is offered in addition to serial divestment to improve throughput time. TRS Flight trays have a 50% larger volume than normal trays. TRS flight is compatible with any X-ray scanning system.  

PMA Smiths

Smiths Detection eqo

Smiths Detection 

Smiths Detection manufactures security screening technologies for a variety of industries including aviation. For aviation security at screening checkpoints, Smiths Detection offers people screening solutions, as well as Computed Tomography (CT) technology and X-ray technology for cabin baggage. Eqo is the people screening technology that provides automatic detection. A visual representation is instantly presented due to the technology’s rapid processing. Eqo uses flat-panel millimeter-wave technology to detect multiple types of material including metals, ceramics, plastics, and liquids. This is compatible with other technologies and can be integrated into an existing system. 

X-ray cabin baggage screening technologies that utilize high-resolution XADA detector modules include HI-SCAN 6040aTiX and HI-SCAN 6046si. HI-SCAN 6040aTiX weighs 3,528lbs and HI-SCAN 6046si weighs 881.9lbs; however, HI-SCAN 6046si has a slightly larger tunnel size of 615mm by 455mm which allows for items with above-average dimensions to be screened. HI-SCAN 6040i, which is the most successful X-ray inspection system in its class, is also offered by Smiths Detection. It provides online image analysis methods to work with the operator to perform security detection. HI-SCAN 6040-2is HR offers the same benefits as HI-SCAN 6040i with the addition of dual-view technology. HI-SCAN 7555si and HI-SCAN 7555i offer the same benefits as HI-SCAN 6046si and HI-SCAN 6040i; however, the 7555 series features a larger tunnel size of 750mm by 550mm. HI-SCAN 7555aTiX is an automatic explosive detection system that utilizes dual-view technology as well as XADA sensor technology. It applies to both checked and cabin baggage screeningSimilarly, HI-SCAN 7555aX has dual-view and XADA technology but can only become automated after in-field upgrades. HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX utilizes computed tomography technology to screen cabin baggage. This technology eliminates the need to divest electronic devices from baggage when being scanned. The CTiX has the highest throughput speed of over 1,000 bags per hour. Also, this solution integrates well with an existing system. 

Smiths Detection also offers iLane.evo, a smart automatic tray return system. It features an automatic bag diverter and various parallel divest options. Throughput is increased with the removal of bottlenecks in a streamlined process. iLane.evo's modular design can integrate and adapt to new checkpoint components.

PMA Leidos

Leidos ClearScan®


Leidos produces fully automated security detection technologies for markets including ports, borders, and airports. Leidos’s solutions at airports include checked baggage and aviation checkpoint technologies. Integrated solutions, as well as individual technologies, are offered at the security checkpoint. Individual technologies include people screening technology, cabin baggage technology, automatic tray returns, and explosive trace detectors. 

Leidos’s ProVision 2 is the most widely deployed advanced personnel scanner in the world. The design is compact, making it able to fit in compact security areas. ProVision 2 has high throughput time, and it can be increased by running the technology in parallel. This technology can process up to 200-300 personnel per hour. Instead of dangerous X-rays or ionizing radiation, safe millimeter wave technology is used to allow for automatic detection. Less than six seconds is needed for personnel processing since image generation is not needed with this technologyLeidoprovides ProVision 2 with an upgradable technology platform that can upgrade the technology with software updates. Leidos also offers another personnel screening technology, the SafeView, which uses the same radio wave technology as the ProVision 2. The SafeView has automated options, but it provides the operator with a 3-D image of the personnel.  

Cabin Baggage screening technologies are also offered by Leidos. Luggage and cargo can be screened using X-ray technology, and Leidos provides three varieties of sizes, including small, medium, and largeThe small X-ray technology applies to the security screening process, while the larger sizes are more suited for air cargo and checked baggage. The small X-ray, ACX 6.5, Automated Checkpoint X-ray System, provides accurate screening while increasing efficiency when used with the automated tray return system Leidos offers.  

CT scanning technology is also offered for carry-on baggage. Leidos’s ClearScan® is an explosive detection system that uses dual-energy CT technology and algorithms to detect explosives and contraband at a low false alarm detection rate. This technology eliminates the need for passengers to divest their liquids and laptops from their carry-on bags. The ClearScan® offers a high throughput of up to 350 passengers per hour. 3D and 2D images are made available to operators to resolve alarms with confidence. 

ProPassage is an automatic tray return technology offered by Leidos. This enhances the passenger’s experience by reducing the time spent waiting in lines. ProPassage has an ergonomic design and reduces staffing requirements.

PMA personnel screening

Table 1: Personnel Comparison Table

Comparison Tables 

Table 1: Personnel Comparison Table visualizes the differences between the personnel screening technologies of the three manufacturers: Leidos, Rapiscan® Systems, and Smiths Detection. Numerical values are included for how many customers the company advertises can parse through the machine. Checkmarks and crosses represent if the technology provides the corresponding feature. Also, checkmarks and crosses are used to visualize if the technology can detect different types of matter; however, detection capabilities are not limited to what is listed in the table. This is a representation of the capabilities as advertised by each company.

PMA cabin baggage

Table 2: Cabin Baggage Comparison Table

Table 2: Cabin Baggage Comparison Table also visualizes the differences between selected cabin baggage screening technologies of the three manufacturers. The table includes numerical values when appropriate, such as for tunnel size. N/A is substituted for numerical values when the manufacturer has not provided that information. When comparing features and certifications, checkmarks and crosses are used to represent if a certain technology provides the stated feature. 

Optimal Vendor and Product

Leidos provides the optimal technologies to solve the problems facing the client. Implementing the Leidos ProVision 2 personnel screening technology improves the throughput time of passengers with its fast-processing time. This technology makes the divesting of apparel unnecessary. ProVision 2 keeps passengers physically healthy by utilizing safe millimeter waves instead of X-rays or ionizing radiation. The automatic detection that it provides maintains the expected high levels of security of the security process. The upgradable platform that the technology provides allows for increased sustainability.  

The Leidos ClearScan® is the optimal product for cabin baggage screening. The 2D and 3D imaging, along with the low false alarm detection rate of the CT technology improves the accuracy of the system. This solution's greater accuracy lowers the false detection rate which reduces the number of unnecessary pat-downs increasing social distancing between passengers and TSO 

Also, the CT technology improves throughput time because of the fast detection and the ability to scan electronics and other items within carry-ons instead of requiring divesting themConvenience improves the customer’s experience. Their mental perception of their safety is increased with the implementation of improved technology. 

The Leidos ProPassage tray return is the optimal tray return system its automation allows for increased throughput and improved customer experience. Additionally, with the purchase and utilization of UV-C lights on the ProPassage the client could display efforts to decontaminate the trays used by passengers. Such efforts would be noticed and appreciated by passengers. 

With improved throughput time, simpler customer experience, longer sustainability, and increased social distancing, Leidos is the optimal solution for keeping people physically healthy and mentally calm while maintaining the expected high levels of security.