Indelible is the product of the Fall 2019 semester at the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. We are a group of fourteen undergraduate students from all majors and backgrounds + one amazing, inimitable creative writing professor.

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"I’ve been thinking about the women I read when I myself was a student, the writers who cracked open the door and made the telling seem possible. I’ve been thinking about what I told, when I told, how I told, and why I told."

– Jill Christman

October 12, 2020, Ball Bearings Magazine
“Writing With Indelible Ink”

April 13, 2020, Essay Daily
“Indelible (Campus Sexual Assault): a class, a podcast, & a conversation”

April 5, 2019, The Daily News 
“Ball State professor to teach immersive class on rape culture in the age of #MeToo”

January 21, 2019, Essay Daily
“Disclosure and the Writing Classroom: Revisiting Jill Christman”

December 13, 2018, Essay Daily
“Jill Christman on Writing Sexual Trauma Under Title IX”

Photo of Jill Christman

Jill Christman
Professor & Founder
Jill is a senior editor of River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative and teaches creative nonfiction writing at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She has been telling the story of her own college sexual assault for years, most recently in “Slaughterhouse Island,” published in Roxane Gay’s Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture.

Althea, Class of 2020
Managing Producer
Althea majors in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies with minors in Social Work and Interpersonal Relationships. Her interdisciplinary education allows a detailed exploration into sexuality, gender, and trauma. This project enticed Althea as an opportunity to directly incorporate her passion with academia.

Annie, Class of 2021
Annie majors in Secondary Education with a dual focus in Communication and English. To Annie, this project is about more than a podcastit gives survivors a place to share their stories, provides education, and creates a conversation about something that cannot remain silent.

Bekah, Class of 2021
Bekah double majors in Creative Writing and Spanish. She joined this project because she believed that storytelling doesn’t just change lives—it saves them. 

Donna, Class of 2021
Donna majors in Psychology. She was drawn to this project because of her desire to change how we talk about sex and sexual assault into a more open conversation. 

Kaitlyn, Class of 2020
Kaitlyn double majors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Literature and minors in Sociology. She joined this project because she was extremely passionate about advocating for survivors and giving them agency over their stories.

Hannah, Class of 2022
Hannah majors in Speech Language Pathology and minors in Autism Spectrum Disorders. While in the class, she aimed to shed light on the epidemic of rape culture as well as give a wide variety of people, especially those with disabilities, a platform to share their story.

Jenna, Class of 2021
Jenna majors in Accounting and minors in Information Systems. Her passion for social change brought her to the project to empower survivors and influence the business world towards a more progressive stance on workplace sexual harassment. 

Marissa, Class of 2019
Marissa majors in Creative Writing and minors in Spanish. She was drawn to the class to be in a safe space full of strong advocates and to offer some insight to the Black female perspective. She hopes to bring forth meaningful intellect, opinions, and stories that represent the many perspectives of sexual assault on campus.

Liv, Class of 2021
Marketing & PR
Olivia majors in English Education. She joined this project because she was passionate about giving survivors agency over their stories again and educating people on the truths of sexual assault and rape culture. 

Bella, Class of 2020
Bella majors in English Literature with double minors in Creative Writing and French. She joined this project because she wants to help create a society that has conversations about and fights to end sexual violence and rape culture.

Vic, Class of 2020
Victoria majors in Criminal Justice. She joined this project because she is passionate for justice and wants survivors to be heard through this project.

Jonah, Class of 2020
Asst. Sound Mixer
Jonah majors in English with a concentration in rhetoric and minors in Professional Writing and French. He joined the class to make a change and be a voice for trans survivors of sexual violence.

Lizzy, Class of 2020
Sound Mixer
Lizzy majors in Telecommunications with a focus in Video and Audio Production and minors in Screenwriting and Communication Studies. She joined this project because she believes the most powerful stories are the ones we choose to tell.

Paulie, Class of 2021
Asst. Sound Mixer
Paulie double majors in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies and minors in Sociology. She joined this team with the goal of creating campus change by prioritizing the survivors’ voices.

"I want the limitless power of finding and owning our own stories to help us move
toward real, permanent change."

Jill Christman

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Indelible was made possible by the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry, with funding from Ball State University.