Weekly Videos

During the first semester of Indelible, we kept a weekly video blog of our time together. Each week, we had a different team of two Indelible members work together to film and edit a mini documentary. In doing so, we caught some great footage of what it means to tackle something difficult—and what it means to find joy along the way. Some of our videos were too special to share with the world, but we hope you can see the passion and energy of the Indelible team through these small snippets of our lives together.

Week One

Our first week at the VBC consisted of getting to know each other: our past selves, our fears, and our hopes for the class and each other!

Week Two

In our second week at the VBC, we had podcast expert Juleyka Lantigua-Williams come talk to us and help us figure out the basics of podcasting!

Week Three

A lot happened in week three! We met with experts, had our podcast roles assigned, and chose our name: Indelible!

Week Four

We talked to more experts and met with one of our community members, the Facing Project! We also learned how to use the recording equipment and other important information for reporting.

Week Five

During week five, we attended Jana’s Campaign, a midwest campus safety summit held annually.

Week Six

During week six, we were able to meet with the Director of Student Conduct to learn more about how the process of a student report.

Week Eight

For week eight, we went out into the real world to test our fellow college students’ knowledge on things like Title IX and the Red Zone. Keep your ears open for the interviews on our podcast!

Week Nine

For week nine, we wanted to let you get to know us! Here are some individual interviews from each member of Indelible!

Week Ten

“We’re hoping to turn pain into hope and stories into change.”

Week Eleven

We’re working hard to make our podcast pilot, our showcase, and our presentation for the 2020 Jana’s Campaign event!

Week Fourteen

In our final video, we talk about what  we’ve learned over the semester: that we are enough.