This Project was made possible by

Student Research Groups

All videos were made in HIST 200-02, Spring 2021

Cornelia Frazier    

Grace Benedict             Jalen Chandler               Brady Killion            Ryan Melbert


Lee See Chin

Kenny Deetz     Nadia Dobrzeniecki     Parker Harrington    Kyle Lowden    Zackery Palmer


Sallie Harris Herrmann

Russell Baas              Maggie Jones              Shelby King              Tim Slatton


Mabel Keuchmann Snider

Curtis Bender            Thomas Fuller             Caige Harris            Danilo Kovacevic


Mrs. M.C. Smith

Owen Chaye          Eva Hauber         Bradin Heaston         Jenna Pyle         Lydia Waters


Ruby Leota McCray

Winry Bartosz         Nathan Earle                Chase Eggeman           Grant A. Wilson


The project would also like to thank

Melissa Gentry Maps Collections Supervisor, Ball State Libraries

Dr. Jennifer Mara DeSilva Associate Professor of History, Ball State University

Jordan Bratt Digital Scholarship Specialist, Ball State Libraries

Dr. Wendy Soltz Director of Public History Program, Assistant Professor of History,

Ball State University

Becky Marangelli Archives Specialist, University Archives and Special Collections, 

Ball State University Libraries

Claire Enk Intern, University Archives and Special Collections,

Ball State University Libraries

Dr. James J. Connolly George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of History,

Director of the Center for Middletown Studies


The Muncie Public Library

The Delaware County Historical Society