Additional Sources

If you are interested in digging deeper into some of the themes and historical narratives presented in this exhibition in the context of local history, check out the presentations below created by other students in past sections of HIST 200: Introduction to History and Historical Methods at Ball State University.

"Saloons and the Wet-Dry Debate" Saloons What and

Liked learning about alcohol and prohibition? Check out this MapFling presentation and set of podcasts by Christian Patino and John Williams about bar culture in Muncie:

To Drink or Not To Drink: The Wet/Dry Debate in early 1900s Muncie, IN

Saloons: What and WhereDrinking Alcohol in the early 1900s in Muncie, IN

Migration & Immigration to Muncie, Indiana, 1870-1910

Interested in learning more about immigrants and migrants coming to Muncie during this time period? For more information check out this podcast by Ben Hettler and John Moynihan:

Fraternal Orders in Muncie - Late 19th to Early 20th Century

Want to learn more about men's history, social organization, and fraternal orders during the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era? Check out this blog by Pierce Randall:

What Middletown Read Project Podcast #2

In this podcast, explore the connection between socialization, insurance, and fraternal orders, like the Knights of Pythias and the Improved Order of Red Men, with Conner Van Scyoc and Jamie Reeder:

Prostitution and Social Reform in Muncie from 1870-1910

For more information about prostitution, social reform, and women's clubs in Muncie, check out this StoryMaps presentation by Claire Enk and Sophia Hoffert:

Additional Sources