This project was made possible by

Student Research Groups

All videos were made in HIST 200-02, Fall 2020

Carrie Gillenwaters     

Virginia Carter                          Linda Laws                           Anna Osborne 


Dr. Anna Lemon Griffin

Haley Biggerstaff                      Elizabeth Dupire                    Lauren Latham


 Kate (Catherine) Phinney

Brenna Haley                           Kara Nahrwold                           Trinity Croy


Alfaretta Poorman Hart

Caitlyn Garcia                          Adriene Martin                         Rylee Norton


Carrie Dill Hageman

Brenner Romine                       Sean Harnett                        Catelin Weaver


Josephine Jones Pierson

Dylan Meyer         Lia Weisbecker-Lotz          Justin Willis          Samuel Steck


The project would also like to thank

Sophia Hoffert Intern, Notable Women of Muncie and Delaware County 

Melissa Gentry Maps Collections Supervisor, Ball State Libraries

Dr. Jennifer Mara DeSilva Associate Professor of History, Ball State University

Jordan Bratt Digital Scholarship Specialist, Ball State Libraries

Dr. Wendy Soltz Director of Public History Program, Assistant Professor of History,

Ball State University

Becky Marangelli Archives Specialist, Ball State University Libraries

Dr. James J. Connolly George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of History,

Director of the Center for Middletown Studies


Muncie Public Library

Delaware County Historical Society