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Village Promenade Shark Tank Proposal Exercise

The immersive aspect of this semester’s class is to look at the Village Promenade Learning Lab and create an event that can use the space there for the benefit of those who are now living on the premises. This is a proposal to a real client and the winning event is intended to be run if the COVID situation permits. Satisfy the client’s needs by supplying a roadmap to success, incorporating events into the mix.

There is no set number of pages or words for this proposal, as it is a creative response. The proposal should be written in ways that are understandable to those responsible at IU Medical and the Village Promenade. You should use reason and logic to guide you in terms of finding the right number of words and pages in order to make your client satisfied, showing the client clear pathways with creative concepts that are likely to help the organization to be successful and have a successful and interesting event. This includes how you envision the event space will be utilized (such as the setup on the floor) and considerations with regards to catering.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Craig Webster, Department of Applied Business Studies

Poster Presentation VP Shark Tank[49]  -  Read-Only  -  Compatibility Mode.pdf